Sunday, 18 March 2012

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I became a fan of MAC lipsticks about a year ago. I first discovered MAC when I was in Dubai 2 years ago and thats when I purchased my 107 foundation brush (I wanted to buy some lipsticks over there, but they were horrendously expensive). Then a miracle happend and a MAC shop opened up in the Debenhams store near where I live, which meant bye-bye wages...

Over the last year I have bought 3 MAC lipsticks and I thought I would do a post about the colours and what I think they would look nice with and what occasions I wear them for. So if you're interested, keep reading :)

MAC have different variations of lipstick. The ones I have are lustures and frosts, but I think there are other categories as well. Also I wanted to warn people about buying these lipsticks online. DO NOT do it unless you've had the lipstick before. The colours online look extremely different than what they are in real life. I remember looking online and liking the look of some colours and when I went into the shop to buy them they were very different. After each description I've added in the picture of the lipstick from the MAC website so you can see the difference.

The first MAC lipstick I bought was 'Lovelorn' and its a lusture lipstick, meaning its a dewy finish on the lips as opposed to being matte or really glittery. Its ideal if you're after a natural make up look as its a nice rosy colour. This lipstick looks great with a neutral eyeshadow, lots of mascara and a pretty summer dress. Its ideal if you want to look a bit more done up than you would if you were just wearing a nude colour. I'd usually wear this if I was going shopping or out for lunch with my girlies

My second and probably my favourite MAC lipstick that I own is 'Fabby' which is from the frost category. It can be worn smart casual and can be glammed up for a night out with a touch of lipgloss. The colour is a sort of dark dusty pink with hints of gold in it. It is beautiful, I've never seen a high street alternative of this colour; its truly unique. If I choose not to opt for red lips on a night out, I'll go for this with a nude lipgloss over the top, dramatic smokey eyes and a LBD.

I think this is the most misleading colour online. The caption above shows the picture from the MAC website and it looks purple; nothing to what it looks in real life.

My most recent acquisition in MAC lipsticks is 'Angel' which was a birthday present from my Mum. This is a frost lipstick, and its a very neutral nude colour-perfect for everyday.

Again the website picture looks very different; a deep mulberry colour, but in reality its a pinky nude. On the lips it looks quite similar to Lovelorn, but its much more of a nude as opposed to rose. Its a really easy colour to wear and I'd wear with jeans and T-Shirt if I was heading into uni or to the shops.

As you can tell all my colours are pretty similar. However I wear each one for different occasions. None of the colours are too garish, they are all really beautiful easy to wear colours which can be dressed up, which makes them all very versitile . I intend to widen this collection over time so all I can say is I hoped you enjoy reading this and it helped if you were thinking about buying a MAC lipstick.

Have a great day!
Georgie xxx

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