Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review

Hello my lovelies hope you're all well. Thought I'd dust off the old keyboard to bring you a review of a product that has been greatly anticipated. And that's the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers. These are meant to be a drugstore dupe for the YSL glossy stains. However these Rimmel dupes are much more wallet friendly, retailing at £5.99 (currently all Rimmel products are 3 for 2 in Boots, so get a move on!)

I picked up three colours:

  • Big Bang- a classic, vibrant Marilyn Monroe red.
  • Apocaliptic- a bright fuschia pink.
  • Galaxy- a deep brown/plumby colour.

This beauty is the colour Galaxy. Its a glossy purple toned colour, I would call it a cross between plum and mauve. Its a gorgeous everyday wearable colour. Not too much, but just enough if you want a little pazazz! Unlike the other colours I'm reviewing, this one in my opinion is the one that you can get away with wearing a stronger eye- you could smoke it up for a night out, or just it would look stunning with some shimmery gold eyeshadow, black liner and lashings of mascara. An all round fab shade!

This is Big Bang, the name covers it pretty well I think. Its a gorgeous, classic red; it just screams Taylor Swift to me! It is a more orange toned red as opposed to a blue toned red. Pair with a flawless base, flicked out eyeliner and mascara. You will definitely stop traffic with this! I would wear this in the daytime, but if you prefer a more natural daytime look, you could whip this out for a hot date or a night out. 

And last but not least, we have Apocaliptic. This is the most beautiful bright fuschia for all you fun loving females. It reminds me of a retro 80's glamour, but its also a perfect summer shade, paired with a pretty dress and a natural dewy base with some neutral eyeshadow. Summer please HURRY UP! However there's no reason why you couldn't wear this all year round for some true girly pazazz!

Overall these lip lacquers are great, the staying power is great, I'd say about 5 hours before you need to reapply. Obviously you will have to sooner if you eat a meal or have a drink. 

They give a medium glossy finish. They aren't super shiny (personally I don't like super shiny which is why I love these!) They give a wearable shine to the lips. They are SUPER pigmented, which is great for a product which is lip-gloss-like. I guess its like wearing a lipstick and you've applied some clear gloss on top. Although with these, that seconds step isn't necessary at all! Also, I found you don't need lip liner, as these don't bleed.

Another bonus is that they don't dry out my lips. My lips get super dry in the winter months but these seem quite moisturising which is always a big thumbs up!

These really are a gorgeous product, and I'm sure the other drugstore brands will soon bring out their own versions. I know that a similar product has been released by L'Oreal in the U.S which most likely be hitting the high street soon. However these are great quality for the price of £5.99! 

Finish: 9/10 (bright and pigmented, and can be layered up for a deeper smash of gorgeous colour!)
Texture: 9/10 (they are not sticky at all) but just feel nice and smooth.
Colours: There's a great colour range of reds, corals, pinks and nudes. Something for everyone :)
Value for money: 10/10 !

Big smiles all round!